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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

                                Psalms 90:12 (Bible, KJV)

Numerology: The Enlightening Science


Your life is a DIY project. In numerology, your name and birth date create a blueprint, providing the structure you may have found missing.

As numerologists, we don't predict your future. We help you to find your life purpose, to learn how others perceive you, what usable talents you have, and what challenges you will go through.

If you are an entrepreneur, numerology can help you determine the best date to start your business and under what name you should operate. Numerology also coordinates the colors and decor that promote your image.

At Life Path Numerology Center, our goal is to give you the personal knowledge to allow you to make the best decisions for your life. Creating a consistent image based upon the numbers provides a subtle validation that allows instant credibility. A discordant image causes distrust.

Numerology is not fate. You have full free will to go against the advice of your numbers. But keep in mind, your chart indicates your optimum choices that you set for your life plan. When you take a different path you are working against the flow of energy that would carry you to a fulfilled life.

Numerology Gives You the Life Manual You Always Wanted

Life Path

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Dr. Hardt has spoken to a wide range of audiences from the prime investors at Smith Barney to AWIA. He will enhance your events.

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The Center has received media attention from major news sources. Dr. Hardt has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows and in written articles.


Consultation is available for new start-ups and on-going businesses alike. Check out this service if your business or plans have bogged down



Personal Profile, Yearly and Relationship Comparison Reports available. They are a good introduction to numerology. Each report averages between 9 and 14 pages of information abut you

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Numerology Training in live or on-line classes, seminars and writings is an emphasis at the Center and in venues  throughtout the USA



Readings can be in office or by phone. Either method includes an MP3 recording of the session for future reference.


Daily Numeroscopes is by subscription. Each morning you receive an e-mail telling you what kind of day to expect.

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