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"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

                                Psalms 90:12 (Bible, KJV)

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Description of Available Classes

Personal Profile Class

This is a basic class. No prior knowledge of numerology is required. You will learn to calculate and to read the individual energies from the name and birth date. You can determine usable talents, motivation, purpose in life, and obvious traits. Know where the roadblocks are and how to overcome them. With this class you will be able to create a full chart for yourself and your friends.

Progressed Chart Class (Personal Profile Class a prerequisite)

You will learn to calculate life cycles. Find when to expect certain types of events to occur. Determine the timing of your actions for best results. Get a clear picture of the nature of any time period in your life, past, present or future. The Personal Profile Class is a prerequisite. You will gain the skills to predict events that will likely occur.

Advanced Class (1 full day)

You will study the nuances in the numbers. In this class you will develop comparison charts. The material includes effectiveness tables and planes of expression. This class takes the numbers to an intuitive level. The personal Profile Class and the Progressed Class are prerequisites for this level. With this class you will add depth to your readings.

Skill Building Class (1 full day)

In-depth guided practice using the tools of numerology. Personal Profile Class and Progressed Class are prerequisite, the Advanced Class is recommended. You will hone your skills for smoother and more comprehensive readings.

Fiction Writers Workshop (3 hours)

A monthly get together of students of numerology to develop the characters and action for a short story or novel based upon the numbers. This is a fun gathering that may lead to a published work, but you need not be a writer to participate.. The Characters should ring true, because their actions are in keeping with the numbers of their charts The story flow stems from the progressed chart. This is a fun way to apply your knowledge of numerology. There is no charge for this Seminar.

Parenting Workshop (3 hours)

Help for parents based upon the data of their children. You will learn to calculate the essential numbers of your children and make comparisons. Separate seminars for various age groups of the children are usually desirable. It is recommended, if possible, that both parents attend together.

Career Development Workshop (3 hours)

This seminar is for those who have been downsized, those who are dissatisfied with their present employment, and those just starting a career. Take a look at the career path most suitable to your numbers and the timing for a change. Know what days to interview and when to do the prep work.

Relationship Workshop (3 hours)

Gain the tools to understand each other. Every problem may not be the fault of the other party. It may lie in the numbers. Make your love blossom as never before. Best if both parties can attend together.

Business Seminar (full day)

This class is valuable to anyone interested in business. It is geared to the entrepreneur or a manager in a larger organization. Employees will get a sense of what drives the company for which they work. You will determine the path set up by the name and start date of your business. You will learn to build immediate trust with your customers or clients through advertising by the numbers. The office decor, business address and telephone number(s) should be tuned to your numbers for success. Employee hiring and placement by the numbers is accurate and cost effective. All these topics are explained in the course.

A fantastic class. It is logical, accurate, and enlightening. You will not be disappointed.

Dan was very good at answering any questions. Great Class!

Great Class! I loved Daniel and the interplay with the rest of the class.

Great students make a great class!

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